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Diaper Cakes Less Ordinary

It seems appropriate to write about my very first Diaper Cake creation in this first blog post. This was the start of my passion for creating Diaper Cakes. It was my own Baby Shower. Today, I love to make people happy. A new Baby has to be one of the most exciting events anyone can celebrate, right next to getting married. So it makes sense to me to create unique and custom creations for both of those precious milestones in anyone's life.

I have this insane drive for perfection. When it comes to my craft, this quirk is the very thing that makes my creations exactly what they are. It makes my Cakes and other creations always perfect and of high quality.


So this is it! My very first, last minute Baby Shower Diaper Cake that I put together for my Shower back in 2012. I think this is where it all began.

I'm so proud of the last 10 years. My creations have evolved into beautiful Diaper Cakes and even other custom creations. The response has been so rewarding. People love what I have made for them, and there's truly no greater reward in knowing your clients are happy.

Thank you for taking the time for reading my very first blog post. I hope to come back here more often and write about my craft. Perhaps I will create some tutorials for you to make your very own diaper cakes and other decor by sharing some of my secrets with you. If you are interested, feel free to email me at

Here's a Gallery of some of my most recent BabyCakes Creations for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy.

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