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BabyCakes By Daisy on Good Day Sacramento

I had quite an exciting week here at BabyCakes! Monday morning we had Cambi Brown here from Good Day Sacramento, which is the local CBS morning show here in Sacramento. It was a bit surreal but so much fun. We did a quick 3 minute segment, introducing my Hobby Business to the Good Day viewers and it went really well. I totally love it - I really can't wait to do this again! Maybe from my "brick and mortar" shop sometime in the near future ;) 

You can imagine I was super nervous at first, but Cambi Brown made it so easy that by the time the camera was rolling live, I just rolled with it... no practice, not knowing exactly what she'll say or ask me. It was exhilarating! 

It was a ton of fun to say the least. Live television is definitely something else, and I guess a bit intimidating. Specially for someone as "introverted" as myself.  

So for your viewing pleasure, I posted the video of the Good Day Segment below. You can also visit the Good Day Sacramento website to watch the segment or on their YouTube channel as well. 

Feel free to leave me some feedback if you like and thanks for watching!! 

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